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The top image of each garment style shows the garment size chart.

Followed by our models photos showing the jacket size they are wearing as well as their measurements for comparison so you can see how the jacket size fits. You will note in some cases the jacket template has been customised to fit an unusual shaped hound.

How to measure

Back Length: measure from between the shoulder blades to the top of the tail, ideally the jacket should be around 10cm - 15cm longer to cover their tooshie.

Chest Circumference: measure at the deepest point, usually an area just behind their front legs. This is more critical for the fitted jackets which are made to have some stretch. The ideal jacket size will be between 1cm - 5cm more than the greyhounds chest measurement depending on how snug a fit you desire.

Neck Circumference: take notice of the different measuring positions for each style as the Traditional Jackets have a collar and the Fitted Jackets do not so the measurement is taken lower on the neck. We have increased the neck opening size recently to allow a bit more space for bulky martingale collars as feedback was that some greyhounds wear their's under their jackets so the photos below may look a little snug compared to our current template

Fitted Jackets
Traditional Jacket
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