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Stylish and comfortable to wear around the home, and perfect to include identification details. These have a slider for size adjustment.

Not designed to be attach to a lead but can be worn with our harnesses for a matching set.

Width: 25mm $15

         : 38mm $20

Like the house collar but has the addition of quick release clip and a metal D Ring.

Still not recommend for attaching a lead to when walking because of it's narrow width.

Width: 25mm $15


A perfect collar for attaching a lead to for walks. These have strong metal fittings and adjustable size.

Width: 38mm $30

         : 50mm $50

(The 50mm width is only available with the Glamour Satin finish)


25mm soft webbing, strong metal clip fitting for easy attachment to martingale collar or harness. 


Available in two lengths 120mm and 180mm

Length: 120cm $19

            : 180cm $21


The ultimate in comfort and style, made of soft wet suit fabric. These have quality metal and plastic fittings.


See the Harness Page for more details and to order.

All Collar Styles

  • Are made from a lightweight soft webbing.

  • Each design can be made into the full range of collars, leads & harness, just click on the designs below and choose the product from the drop down list.

  • You can include your dogs name on the designs for no extra charge.

  • You can add your phone number and even include your council rego information all at no additional charge. (no more ugly plastic tags or dangerous ID disks).

  • A glamorous satin outer can be added to the collars for $10 extra and really makes the design pop.

  • Our range of collars, leads and harnesses are designed and made with love right here at Fast Friends R & R.

  • Production time can take 2 - 3 weeks plus delivery.

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