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Why did we set up this online store.

The DREAM.......


To re-home as many retired greyhounds as we can and provide support to the dogs that need extra help to find a suitable home. It's a big mission to achieve and the online store is one step in the process, to raise money to fund the dream.


Greyhounds in general are ideal companion's to blend into any home whether it's with a single person or a family they will hypnotise you with their unconditional love, just as we were hypnotised by our "BIGDOG". 


My partner and I were moving into our first house and we had both fallen in love with this hound. He had the front seat in the car and the only other items that moved into our new house was the fridge and mattress. Just the necessities. The three of us survived and thrived.

If you have found your way to this online store then I expect you understand what I am talking about. 

Our "BIGDOG" taught us the greyhound way of life and we are forever grateful for his guidance.

Some more details:


Halfway House:

Moving from kennel life to domestic pet can be pretty daunting with so many new experiences and different people. We would like to provide an extra step in the journey, a type of halfway house. Some dogs need this extra step to prepare them for their new life and others make the transition very easily. It also helps make the experience easier for the novice foster to adopt.

Not all dogs are suitable to live a domestic life:

Greyhounds have proven to make great companions and their easy going nature means they fit in with most life styles but as with all facets of life there are the occasional few who need an extra special home or place to retire in their own way. So we want to provide a place for them to live and the extra opportunity to maybe meet an extremely experienced dog owner who can give them that extra special home.


How do we make this happen:

Well besides finding a millionaire with our passion for Greyhounds that wants to share our dream we need to raise money to fund the dream.

Step 1. Build awareness. Our facebook page was launched in June 2016 with this in mind, please like and share.

Step 2. Raise money to fund the dream. The online store has been built for this purpose and was launched in July 2017. Please keep this in mind when you are shopping for greyhound things.

Step 3. Expand our capabilities, we need more room. Find and purchase a property where we can make the dream happen.

Step 4. Surround ourselves with a team of passionate people to build and continue the dream.

Step 5. Share the greyhound way of life.

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