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We have two jacket styles





Our four fabrics



Printed Fleece

238 gsm


Printed Water Resistant


Black Fleece

320 gsm


Black Cotton

150 gsm

FITTED JACKET ($35 - $55) Azawakh Sizes S & L

Single layer fleece fitted jacket are perfect for those cool days or for those hound that prefer a light coat. This style has no lining and the fabric is printed on the outside and white on the inside.


Double layer fleece fitted jacket have the same printed outer plus they have a warm black fleece lining. The outer fabric has a smooth feel, like a hoodie and is great because the dog hair is less inclined to stick to the smooth side.

The fitted jackets has a stretchy tummy panel to allow for a snug fit. The key benefit of this style is that the back end of the jacket is less likely to slip to one side which can be a problem for the boys when relieving themselves ;)
Be warned, due to the style these jackets are a little tricky to fit. Pop them over the hounds head and then feed the legs through the leg holes and to take off we have found the easiest way to do this is to simply pull the jacket over their head and down to their feet. See product photos for fitting demo video.

TRADITIONAL JACKET ($59 - $75) Azawakh Sizes S & L

This jacket style has a Velcro touch strap and collar and comes in a range of fabric options.

Spray Jacket - Cotton Lining - An ideal lightweight coat for those showery day walks.

Spray Jacket - Fleece Lining - Great for hounds that like the outdoors but appreciate the luxury of fleece lining.

Fleece Outer - Cotton Lining - These jackets are lightweight for those coolish days/night.

Double Layer Fleece - Good for those cool/cold nights/days. Pure luxury, our most popular jacket :)

Unlike the greyhound wear we do not hold the Azawakh designs in stock but produced them on demand and this can take 3 - 4 weeks for production plus delivery.

Choosing the correct size: click here to see our models measurements for comparison

 Each fabric design below can be made into the full range of coats 

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