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NEW FEATURE: Collar can be customised with a name for no extra charge or simply leave as shown with the word GREYHOUND instead.


So many can match these collars with the clip lead or bungee lead for a stunning set. If the colour you have in mind is not listed please let us know what you are looking for and we will add it to the range. If you are lucky enough to have a black houndie then just about any colour will suit them. My favourite....a red hound is a little harder to match so I have included my four top picks, blue tones for the boys and purple/orange for the girls.


New Colours: Black/Pink/Orange and Black/Blue/Tan which match the 2 harness colours.


Width 38mm soft feel webbing with quality fittings.

Adjustable length to fit greyhounds

Great for eaveryday wear and outings.


Martingale Collar

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