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Comfortable, easy to carry and a compact size suitable for Cafés ....... that was the inspiration behind this café mat. We wanted to keep the size smallish so as not to take up too much café floor space and lets be honest, no matter how big the bed is our hounds will find a way to articulate a bed fail ;)


These are also great as a training mat, we use them at home for treat time and take them to obedience class, and they could be a handy camping bed too. 


Size: 100 x 60cm

Printed with our unique hound inspired designs to one side and black on the other side.
Water resistant fabric.

Portable and handy roll up design.

They come with a seperate Adjustable Yoga Mat Style Strap, which is great because when you lay the mat out it is clear of straps and the adjustable strap gives you lots of easy carry options.


These café mats are made with love right here at Fast Friends. Please allow about a week for production after you place your order.


Please check the current stock button at the top of the page to see which fabric we have on hand and if you would like a different colour just leave a note during checkout and allow 3 - 4 weeks for production.

Café Mat - Stretch Hound Blue

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