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Black Dog Kangaroo Jerky, 600gram

Dogs sure do love the taste of roo jerky.

Kangaroo has a gamey taste. This combined with the chewy texture makes kangaroo jerky a favourite among pet dogs.

Kangaroo meat is bursting with flavour and it's also a relatively healthy treat for your pooch. This type of meat contains less saturated fat than others, like beef and pork.

You may be tempted to feed your dog jerky made for human consumption but most of the time it's not a good idea. Like most 'people food' normal jerky can be dangerous for dogs to consume.

Our jerky is often flavoured with spices like onion and garlic powder, which are toxic to dogs. If you want to get your dog a safe chewy kangaroo treat then roo jerky is your best bet.

Black Dog kangaroo jerky is:

  • A great all-natural dog treat.
  • Chewy, so it will keep your dog busy.
  • Full of flavour.
  • A good way to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Made from 100% kangaroo meat. 

Blackdog Roo Jerky 600g

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